Born and raised in London, England to Nigerian parents Emmanuel & Funmi Jiboye and the first of 7 siblings. Ted who took to singing at a very early age believes his journey of being a Worship Leader began during his early years whilst living in Nigeria.

 "I left London to go back to Nigeria with my parents when I was just 6 years old but traveling back to Nigeria was a real shock to my young system & completely different to what I was used to here in England. My parents were devout Anglican Church goers and heavily involved in church life so it was no surprise that I took a keen interest in the church choir. It was my time in Nigeria as a young chorister that really gave rise to my calling as a Worship Leader.

Ted remembers singing from his ‘Ancient and Modern’ hymn book as it was so called and being in the soprano section, a section that he didn’t take kindly to and recalls pleading continuously with his choir master  to be moved to the Bass section where the big men sang. “Eventually my choir master reluctantly agreed and I soon became the only 17 year old kid in the Bass section” those were fun times as Ted recalls "it holds a lot of wonderful and fun memories"
On returning to England Ted’s christian walk took a downward toil and his lifestyle quickly became one of late nights, clubs, & the usual stuff that comes with a lifestyle without Jesus in it, however after years of trying to find himself and finally getting back into church, Ted became part of the London Evangelical Choir and soon afterwards began leading worship at his local church and other smaller events.  Ted has since been part of various set ups and church ministries were he has had the privilege of continuing his call as a Worship Leader.

"I remember as a young boy listening to the likes of Ron Kenoly, Bob Fitts, Don Moen and a few others and I must admit listening to those guys lead worship changed my life forever. Having an experience where you encounter the father and allowing others to experience the same through the act of worship, became my heart's burning desire, bringing the awareness of God, his presence, his love and grace to everyone, Christians & non Christians alike and to also join in the celebration of the goodness of our king but also in doing this create an atmosphere for his presence.

His first music project You Are The One was released on the 30th of Nov 2011 and was followed by the inspiration single Amazing God’ The making of his debut album 'FAITHFUL' took a while to materialise, in fact the process of making the album had taken more over 15 year. As Ted recalls "it has been a burning desire for many years, I talked about it for as long as I could remember, so this for me has been a dream come true but through it all God has indeed been faithful in every way. 


 It'sonly just the begining and the best is yet to come.